The Whitehalls are now signed with Tunecore for all of our digitial distribution!

What does that mean for you?

By the end of March all songs from our debut album, “Say It Like You Mean It”  will be available from the following:

  • iTunes – U.S., UK/European Union, Canada, Australia/N.Z., Japan, Mexico
  • Amazon MP3
  • MySpace Music
  • Napster
  • eMusic
  • IMVU
  • Lala
  • Rhapsody
  • Shockhound
  • Amie Street
  • LimeWire Store
  • Nokia
  • Zune

According to a recent article and data from Neilsen (Soundscan – the people who track CD sales from record stores) & Tunecore:

  • According to Nielsen (self defined as “…the world’s leading marketing and media information company.”)  there were:
  • “…106,000 new (music) releases in 2008″
  • In 2009, TuneCore released approximately 90,000 releases
  • This means, if their numbers hold true, almost every single new music release in 2009 was distributed via TuneCore.

And now add The Whitehalls to that list!

Feel free to check out the songs via the cool new Tunecore Widget on this blog and support us with the purchase of a song or two!

Think of it as a cheaper alternative to buying Drew drinks at the bar…


- Drew, Neil, Bill, PJ

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