If you are like most of us you have been forced, at one show or another, to purchase your tix via Ticketmaster – and likely were fuming long after the show over the excessive fees.

Well the time for payback is here!

This short article from our friends over at Hypebot says it well:

Bought A Ticketmaster Ticket In The Last 12 Years? You’re About To Get A Refund

You won’t get rich on the refund, but it’s nice to see Ticketmaster get hit with some excessive fees for a change!

Here is a quick summary:

- If you used Ticketmaster‘s website to buy tickets between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011, you’re likely to be eligible for a refund.

- It’s the result of a class action lawsuit charging deceptive and excessive processing fees

- You should be eligible for a refund of $1.50 for every ticket order bought on the site in the last 12 years.

- Some fans who had tickets shipped cia UPS may be entitled to up to $5 per ticket refunds.

- According to court documents, Ticketmaster should be forced to pay out as much as $50 million. (Yes – take that Ticketmaster!)

The bad news:

the lawsuit won’t stop Ticketmaster from charging high fees in the future. It just means that they have to be clearer about doing so on their web site.

But hopefully this ruling makes you smile just a little bit and feel a little better about tickets purchased in years gone by!


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